A family committed to offer quality

JFM is a family-owned business with over 10 years of experience in distribution and logistics. Our team is made up of over 50 members: parents, siblings, friends – all of which believe in have helped the business grow and evolve into who we are today. The JFM family believes in each person’s full potencial and we work together to bring the very best of us each day. We are all committed with the values and dreams on the company and are proud to know we are driven by our passion to be different. As it is this drive that empowers our vision to always provide the market with high-quality and top-trending products. 


Our mission

In JFM we want our stakeholders to trust us in every step of the business. By gaining your trust and exceeding your expectations, we are empowered to keep dreaming of being innovators and pioneers in product offerings that stand-out and are trend today and will trend in the near future. 


Our vision

We want to be recognized every day as the best. That is why we work every single day to improve our stakeholders quality of work and life. We believe that through responsibility, integrity and punctuality, we can be better and work together towards exceeding out clients’ expectations.